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It is not necessary to register to use the FREE version of Create Ecards. However, if you would like to send cards without ads, save card templates, create e-cards for facebook, use your own images, select send dates, access extra special effects, etc, scroll down and take a closer look at all the Benefits of Joining!

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Show / Hide Common Membership Questions and Answers

Q.  Why should I pay for your e-card service when there are many other ecard services for free?

A.  Free almost never comes without compromises. With many other Free ecard sites, your email address and the email addresses of those you send cards to are often harvested and sold to third parties. Other card sites may also attempt to install spyware or other malicious or undesirable programs on your computer, plus many sites barrage you with ads and pop-ups.
At Create Ecards, we provide a high quality, pop-up free experience whether using our Free or Paid version. Our Free version does include ads, however, they are non-intrusive and applicable to the subject. Actually, in most cases, our Free version is better than many other paid versions. Also, in neither our Free nor Paid version, do we collect the names and email addresses of any card recipient.

Q.  What makes your e-card service worth the $11.75 you ask for a yearly membership?

A.  There are many valuable aspects of membership and although some are strictly for convenience, there are a few that can and will save you time and money. For example:
- Saving Card Templates: This option alone could save you many hours each year or each holiday because once you create a card format you like, you can save an editable template of that card that you can open whenever you want and use it as a base for creating your next card. You can save as many variations of templates you desire.
- Access to dozens of pre-configured Sayings, Quotes and Poems: This will save you so much time in trying to figure out what to say, and/or these items may help inspire you in saying something you had not thought of on your own.
- Sending Cards Using Your Own Pictures: You could easily pay dozens of dollars for a custom card design that includes images of your own, such as family members, etc. Our members can save up to 18 images of their own and resize them instantly to fit the cards in the best possible way.

Review These Awesome Membership Benefits

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If you are not a current member, please take a quick look below at all the benefits of joining.

  1. No ads are placed on cards you send.
    The purpose of advertising is to help support the site, but members have already placed their support and therefore, do not need to be presented with any additional advertising.
  2. *NEW* Post E-Cards to facebook
    Quickly and safely express your holiday wishes for 1 friend or for all your friends on facebook. All "E-Cards for facebook" are saved permanently and will be there as long as your account at Create Ecards exists.
  3. You can Save Templates of the cards you create
    Save any card...forever. All standard cards are deleted within 3 weeks, but now you can save copies of any card to act as editable templates that can be used for any purpose or for anybody, again and again. There are absolutely no limits on the number of card templates you can save.
  4. Access More Card Images and Background options
    Only the first 9 card images are available to non-members for each image category. Members have access to all the remaining images and special stationary background images.
  5. Send Cards Using Your Own Pictures.
    Add up to 18 JPG images (max 250,000 bytes each) that will be available to use, no matter what category you are in. Each image can be easily changed at any time. There is no better way to personalize a card...than for a familiar image to be on your card cover. Enjoy!
  6. *NEW* Resize Your Images Instantly
    Simply select the preferred option, and your image is instantly resized to either fit proportionally, or stretched / shrunk to fit the standard card image size. Includes a new "Quick Peek" window to see an instant mini preview of your card changes.
  7. All the Special Effects are available for all cards.
    Most categories provide one or two special effects that can be added to the card picture, but the membership version provides access to all special effects, which currently include Snow, Storm, Tunnel, Water Drop, Fireworks, Rainbow and Rotator. ( Currently Unavailable Due To Security Upgrade )
  8. Access dozens of pre-configured Sayings, Quotes and Poems.
    When you can't think of what to say on your own, our collection of quotes, sayings and poems could be used easily and quickly. Use them exactly as we have provided or use them as inspiration for your own modified version.
  9. You can select dates to Send Cards Later.
    This is a wonderful benefit. In essence, you could prepare cards for multiple holidays and never have to worry about forgetting to prepare for that special day.
  10. You can use your own E-mail Address Book to send card notices.
    Use your own e-mail program to send e-card notices to individuals in your own address book, whether it be 1 person or 100 people. This may help you get past Spam blockers that might block some messages. Plus, since many e-mail programs let you request a confirmation receipt, you will absolutely know that the card notice was received.
  11. Your recipient can print the card.
    Every card page contains our header and footer information so that the source of the card is clear, but the printed version only shows the card, making it easy for your recipient to print and save the beautiful cards you have created and sent.
  12. Enjoy twice the number of Music Selections
    Including background music adds a wonderful final touch to any card. Members have access to twice as many music selections.
  13. You get an exclusive Members Only special effect.
    The Puzzle Effect is only available to members. This special effect transforms your card into a fun game that can be played again and again. ( Currently Unavailable Due To Security Upgrade )
  14. Join for a full year at only 98¢ per month.
    For only $11.75 a year, less than the cost to buy a few standard greeting cards at the store, you can send as many custom, personalized, pre-scheduled and advertisement free cards that you desire.
  15. A 90 Day Trial Membership is only $3.95.
    If you just want to make cards for an upcoming holiday or two, this option will work perfectly for you. When the 90 days expires, you will have the option to renew for a full year at a discounted price or simply let the account expire.
System requirements:
  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 98 or ME. (Macintosh & Linux may not be supported.)
  • Internet Explorer 8+, AOL 9+ or Firefox 2+ will work best, in that order. Other browsers like Netscape and Opera may work, but our program has not been tested or developed to function within their specific requirements.
If your system does not match our preferred system requirements, we recommend you try using our Free version first before purchasing a membership. If the Free Version works fine, the registered version with all its bonus options will work fine as well.

If you are not a member, Join Now and experience all the benefits of membership. Select a payment option below:

Terms Of Use Agreement


Select either "Buy Now" button below and follow the prompts until the setup process is complete. Paypal also accepts credit cards, so whether you have a Paypal account or not, it's easy to provide payment.

Additional Options

$11.75 for 1 Full Year
(only 98¢ per mo.)

$3.95 for 90 Day Trial

Note: Your subscription DOES NOT auto renew when the term concludes. All renewals are manual.

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